A Tower Defense Game


I recently made a topic garnering some feedback for some UI designs I had made for a little tower defense project a friend and I are spending a week on (bit of fun, see where things go).
I had initially planned to post some more progress on said topic, but, as it pertained only to the UI, it would start to get a little off-topic.

Instead, I’m making this topic to showcase all of what’s going on at the moment. I hope you enjoy! You can also join the Discord server to keep up-to-date: /PyEeFJU8NY

Here's Sherman, one of the towers in-game.

This is a prototype for the UI functionality.

Here is some additional UI progress

I welcome all kinds of criticism!


Looks really nice! Looking forward to seeing it!


I like the UIs, but really hate TDS games. They’re like a subsection of simulators; unoriginal and overdone.

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First type of defensive card, Land Mine, along with some slightly revamped card designs and a look at the previews so far (extractor still in progress).

Discord server: Hq6QuwFBRB


Epic, I love the explosions. :sunglasses:


Discord server: Hq6QuwFBRB

Updated card designs for different rarities:

New tower, Archer’s Tower:

Quick and rough prototype of card turning sides:


Decided to beautify placement a wee’ bit.
Discord server: Hq6QuwFBRB


Wow nice job @TurboGoStu keep up the good work this game has lots of potential. I wanted to also say how would you get the towers? If you haven’t decided maybe a chest that gives random cards? and what is the name of the game?


Thank you, that means a lot! The game is literally named A Tower Defense Game, but that could be subject to change. It’s somewhat generic and gives us a lot of room to do whatever.

Each Arena (map) will come with new cards that are specific to the arena (they all follow some kind of theme). Additionally, Valour earned through playing matches can be used to purchase cards, or via crates. And, of course, seasonal updates will introduce batches of new unique cards.


I really like how you expanded on the idea of Tower Defense games and made something unique a lot of the newer games copy games like tds or tower battles


Seems very fancy and it definitely has potential, I will love to stick around with progress.

Anyways, only thing I find not matching is the ambientation not matching the lightning, like adding some shadows and more color to the game + a cyan sky box with some clouds should do it and fix it.

Good luck!


Absolutely love the ui. My only criticism is that in the second picture, the trophies’ backgrounds feel like they are vertically squashed, maybe use the Slice scale type so that the corners are 45 degree diagonals?


There’s been a bit of a hiatus, but I’m resuming work!


I get more and more excited each time I have new content to share, it feels as if I’m getting closer to creating my first, full-fledged game! If any of what you see is subpar in your eyes, I apologise. I am, however, having a ton of fun making this.

There’s a new… buff… giant, enemy… who can apparently conjure devastating boulders out of thin air. Towers now have a health display, and both towers and enemies briefly flash red to indicate they’ve been hit (and some other background stuff).


Latest update introduces a basic matchmaking system (still experimenting with this) and overhauled placement system (a bit more UX friendly).

Currently working on a few more enemies and towers ready to implement!


This is really, really cool. Please keep working on it.

By the way, any advice for learning how to script?


Thank you! This is a project I’ve getting closer to seeing towards the end, which is the first of many. :flushed:
You should join the server and keep up-to-date! /PyEeFJU8NY

There’s nothing in particular that I can give you to help you learn how to script, other than this: don’t stop, don’t become discouraged, and growth and progress… they’re still growth and progress, irregardless of how small.
Don’t beat yourself up when things are a bit frustrating. Don’t cower from a challenge because it’s a bit daunting. Use it to learn.

And take a break when you need to. I’ve gotten frustrated over issues that took me a few days to finally understand and resolve, and when I did, it was incredibly simple and I beat myself up further for it, but I resolved it after taking some time to myself; clearing the table to get a better look at things.

I’m not sure if any of that is helpful, but I hope it is.


Would you recommend using the roblox API “wiki” or YouTube tutorials?


Both have good tutorials, some may be more tailored to what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll also forever be using the wiki, so bookmarking it may be a good idea haha.


A few things to show off here, most still conceptual. To begin, I encountered some new inspiration for card designs (and for clan emblems later on), which caused me to try and create something similar.

Card Design (Common)


Clan Emblem Designs (not an idea that's set in stone yet)

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I also wanted to experiment with trying to make a more 3D looking battle deck.