"A Trustful Hotel"

I’m currently working on a new project called “A Trustful Hotel” Which will be some kind of Paranormal Horror game in a hotel in the snow. What do you think about it?


Cool so far! One thing I would really recommend doing is adding textures to more things. Some texture packs can be really useful for an extra layer of detail.


Pretty good! But add textures in Certain things It will make it look better.


I also agree. Textures would help it more. It kind of feels like blocks placed everywhere.

i can tell that you are not primarily a builder. i do not mean this in a bad way, i actually find this build very charming.

i think one way to utilise the style you have is to lean into the simplicity, and cast your mind back to early roblox buildings with their clarity and simple shapes. take inspiration from these styles and your build will feel a lot more intentional and cohesive. do not try and overdetail things if you feel you do not have the necessary experience to do so.

this can actually make a horror game feel a lot scarier and (think of liminal rooms and the like).