A UNO Horror game (Sounds weird but that is what I am making)

I asked my friend what I should make and he said “Make UNO Scary.” - So I did just that…

Now that I started on this, I do when to stop and I am out of ideas of what to make, I’ll release this game on Roblox soon, and I need feedback (Also Ideas) thanks.

One of the asset(s) I built (Didn’t use Blender because…):


I think that asset is really nice! However I would be careful using ‘UNO’ in the name, It’s unfortunate but UNO does own the rights to use that name, and you could get your game taken down if you do use it. The game LOCOfficial used to be known as UNOffical (which was such a genius name) but someone (not doubt UNO) threatened legal action: https://twitter.com/Rawblocky/status/1669481267648425984.


You could make it do each color does something uniquely different. For example, red cards let you jumpscare your opponent and depending on the card number (1-9) it’ll be a different jumpscare. Not sure what to do about the rest of the colours. Maybe just ordinary + or skip cards etc.


I found that out one time when I was playing UNO and there is a “©” near the cover.


Good, idea, I’ll take that into account.


If your game becomes popular you may can get an dmca alert. So, maybe using another logo (Or making your own card game)

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For some reason, you saying that you didn’t use Blender, as a builder/modeler going on five years… bothered me.



Are you seeking more ideas on how to “make UNO scary” or feedback on your build?

Ok, I’ll make the game logo very different with a spray paint design.

I am kinda good at using blender but I feel like I want to keep this game bare bones.

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I’ve been using Blender for a few years and check my profile page for more funny models I made, :sweat_smile:

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I changed it to Twilight Dusk.