A very big mystery

Hopefully this constitutes as building support, as I think it’s moreso of a “3d model support”…

I have uploaded hairstyles in the past (perhaps 2 years ago) with the use of transparency & a texture to give it a realistic look (.1 transparency often did the trick for the texture to work)

Heres an example of it actually working, a hairstyle from 2 years ago…

Here is my attempt to do the same thing today…
(Left is not transparent, Right is transparent)

What is confusing to me is that i’m using the same method as I did back then, but now there is a very big problem that didn’t exist before.

Is there any fix to this? Something I have to do in blender? (It is not a flipped normals issue)

Will gladly provide the mesh & texture if anyone wants to do some testing of their own…
Mesh; 3769566688
Tex; 3769538153
(should be .1 transparency to give the effect)
Looking forward to see what you all think…!


I’m assuming that it’s a combination of the thickness of your model and the fact your texture’s transparency might also be clashing with the model’s transparency. You could try playing around with the transparency of both the texture and the model and the thickness of the actual mesh.

Would playing around with the thickness of the model mean extruding it out? or is there another method

I’m not sure if this was on roblox’s end when exporting it, but the mesh imported like this image


It should look like this (which is fine, because the old one looks like this as well)

Is it supposed to have doubles as well?

Yes, because then it imports with a lot of missing faces in scattered areas