A very intense & crazy boss

Time for Boss #2 (Now with video & audio!) If y’all remember this guy:

He seems to have brought a friend with him, although this boss isn’t unlike any other “normal” boss you’d see in everyday bosses…


This boss is capable of causing immense destruction & power with his all powerful hammer, easily destroying anyone & everything that belongs in his way

Don’t believe me? Well…

But that’s not the only thing this boss can do…OH NO…He also has his trusty Bow whenever you attempt to fight him from close range, and his variety of arrow selections can be very deadly (Learning CFrames was a mistake to create this monstrosity)

(I have a bad PC so forgive me for the lag)


This boss will do anything to accomplish his goal, but what exactly is his goal? I guess that’ll be saved for another post :thinking:

--End of summary for this boss--

Again if y’all have anything you want to add, suggest, or give feedback please do feel free to do so! :upside_down_face:


i love the part that you named him B I G ` B O I


I can’t see a thing with this lag

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@ZINTICK It’s just a temporary alternative for a boss name lol

@248kt Told ya, I edited the Ranged Attack to be a GIF if it’s a bit better

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plz keep the name and if hes in story game make it just before the boss fight he says your life bout to go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Looks great, and I like the unique attacks instead of just “I follow and swing at you!”

@ZINTICK Maybe as an April Fools update I might

@Jeannecca Thanks! The cool thing about this boss is that it transfers between 2 different phases: One being Ranged & one being Melee :wink:


Very creative ideas. Making unique characters is always interesting.

The behaviour of the arrows was especially clever, with the red spawned arrows moving out and then closing back in on the target.

The function of the bow itself could be touched up slightly, however. I suggest making a small animation of the boss using the bow to fire, and making the arrows more clearly originate from the bow and not the boss’s torso (this is at least how it looked in the video).

Yeah I’m usually the type of person to go with a simplistic style :sweat_smile: Animations aren’t exactly my strong suit but I’ll see what I can do in the future about it