A very unique and new way to create assets that you've never heard of

Recently I came up with a very strange idea, as a veteran GTA Online player I used to make use of the Rockstar Emblem Editor. What if I use the emblem editor to create assets for my game?

Rockstar Emblem Editor:
It is a somewhat simple editor to create a logo for your crew in a Rockstar game. You have hundreds of pre-made shapes and forms to work with, this allows you to make some very cool logos.

Here are some screenshots of the Rockstar Emblem Editor:

The editor is entirely online and doesn’t require any downloading too!
What are your thoughts?

EDIT: It’s 100% free.


This is beyond wowing!

I think it is really cool, and there should be more frequent updates!!!
But I am not too sure about the copyright policy… The decal could get your account warned or suspended.


Never thought of this, awesome stuff

There’s no mentioning anywhere you must use it for on-site content and in the end they only provide you the tools, you’re still the owner of the asset and the rightful owner.

Looks really cool, not sure what robloxs take would be on this though hope it would be in a game nonetheless.


That’s really awesome I’m sure this will help many people out there whoever wants to make assets plus whoever wants to create a game too.

Thank you for sharing this!

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