A very weird BC bug

Hello, I dont know why but today this happend:

My TBC expired with no reminder at all, and the site glitched alot:

  1. I have tabs for “join builders club” and to “cancel renewal” while I dont have my bc - it also says im a builders club member.

  2. The “Upgrade now” page is entirely broken:

    The features got replaced with question marks,
    I cannot buy a new membership,
    and I can even cancel a membership renewal when I dont have one.

  3. I did not have any reminder about my TBC expiring soon.

I hope that someone helps me out with this, as I am loosing robux due to the sale fee, so this is important to fix.

This also happens:


This is super weird, I can’t help but laugh at the question marks. Hope it gets fixed!


Even though I currently have BC, I have pretty much the same issue right now on that page. I cannot upgrade my membership (the options are greyed out) and I see the question marks where there should probably be check marks.

This is super strange.

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Glad to see that its not only my issue.


Was your TBC a recurring payment or do you always manually renew it? Did you get any emails about it expiring?

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Manually, and no - I did not receive any email.

Only the roblox one tho, when it ended.

Darn, hopefully this issue gets fixed ASAP. I’ll keep checking to see if the page fixes for me. :open_mouth:

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I hope so, because of the fee im loosing robux right now.

Haven’t been a member of BC for a while, but the question marks are there for me as well. Hopefully this is fixed sometime.

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Roblox is lost with its bc features, theres just too much of them. (compliment for roblox)

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Do you have any browser extensions? If so, please try disabling all of them and see if you can still reproduce this issue.

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Currently only Roblox+, I’ll try to see what happens when I turn it off.

EDIT: Nope, still the same thing.

Can confirm it applies on Opera 52.0.2871.64 and Google Chrome 66.0.3359.139 on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

Very funny bug I must say

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The question marks are the funniest xd


Turned off all extensions. Question marks persist. Running Opera 52.

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Well for me it doesnt even allow to buy a new BC.

Just checked and I’m seeing this behavior too ;-;

I forget the specific reason but this has something to do with the billing process. You should still have all of the benefits of your previous membership and you’ll be able to purchase a new one in a couple of days.