A way to automatically run a script when studio opens?

Is there any way when a place opens on Roblox studio it runs a script?

I want a script to run for all developers who develop in a game.

Some Solutions I Tried:
Plugins (Works only for the players who installed it)
StarterScript (Only Works Locally)

I need this for security reasons for my games. Sometimes if someone (That is a developer) was taking a game maliciously and leaking it, I want a way of disabling access to the games files/assets for anyone who opens it.

(I think this isn’t possible but just double-checking!)

Any solutions are appreciated. If it isn’t possible, please tell me alternates.

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I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible as there will always be work rounds even if you did find a way, but if you’re going to let new developers into your studio then I suggest you do a full background check on them and if you want maximum security you could get them to create the stuff in their own place and then send you the file for you to integrate into your game, that way if anyone does leak your game, it can be reported to the DMCA support as a stolen game.

If anyone has a solution then I’d like to see it too.


Why can’t you just kick a developer out if they’re stealing something?

Can’t you just have your developer make their things on separate places and then send them to you to put everything together.

You can’t run code on run-time outside of a plugin. This idea is fundamentally flawed, what stops me from modifying the place file if this was possible (since it’d be tied to the place-file?).

You should focus more on OPSEC. Limit developers access to assets based on what they physically need to work on. If they are contracting for you, they don’t need access to your team create or assets. If they are building, they don’t need access to the source base, and so on. You can then merge all of this into a place where only you have access.

If you’re worried about your map being stolen, then this isn’t something you can prevent. You can however have these maps taken down if they are published by using the report abuse feature or submitting a DMCA notice.

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I mean, you specified your use case, but the concept in itself sounds really shady; trying to search for a way to run arbitrary code on someone’s place without prior prompt, agreement or notice.

Right off the bat, no you cannot do this. You shouldn’t be able to do this either. Damaging people is some kind of weird solution people are trying to chalk up on the DevForum for “security” and I don’t understand why. Manage your people better. If you’re a low-trust person like me, just restrict direct game access.


Every script adding in a game by any developer doesn’t have prior prompt, agreement or notice for other developers. (An example is if a developer goes “rouge” and puts a backdoor without any notice.)
That case and this case is no different. (In my opinion.)

Immediately criticizing me for asking “is this is possible?” is not what I requested. All I asked is “Is there any way when a place opens on Roblox studio it runs a script?”. The answer, of course, is no.

Since it isn’t, I am asking for alternatives for security. Thanks though.

Thank you! I never thought of those ideas. DMCA take down may be an option but Ill need to learn how. (Ill google it.)

Thanks again!

Yes those cases are different. A backdoor occurs when you willingly gave your developer access and they put something in your game, which activates at run time. Your post suggests wanting to do it when they open Studio. The prior prompt is a plugin install window and checking the credibility of the plugin and its creator before installing, given plugin code is the only one that runs while Studio is active.

I’m not criticising your post, I’m calling the concept shady. Bad actors are already the most common utilisers of implicitly ran code, besides legitimate plugins that require initialisation. Your post is no different. It’s malicious towards malicious people. Your use case isn’t justified here; it’s still malicious.

Alternatives for security are given for you in responses above. Manage your game access better.

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