A way to change height of player view

So I currently finished a showcase but when you play the viewpoint of the player in first person seems to be extremely short like toddler size. So is there any way to change it so the height of the player is taller


Assuming I understood your question right, this property of Humanoid might be useful.


Yes, for instance imagine if you were a tiny bit taller than a foldable chair. Though you need to be a litter bit taller so you want to change the height of the player so when they are in game they are able to see above the foldable chairs easier.

For the script you gave, would I put this in player scripts?

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You can change the Humanoidโ€™s CameraOffset property on the Y axis to any number (positive upwards and negative downwards). You can put this script in StarterCharacterScripts:

local humanoid = script.Parent.Humanoid;
local yAxisValue = 2; -- Change this to any value you'd like.

function set_Camera_Offset()
	humanoid.CameraOffset = Vector3.new(humanoid.CameraOffset.X, yAxisValue, humanoid.CameraOffset.Z) -- Referencing X and Z axes as their current value, so I do not know, if you maybe change them during your game, so it remains the same.

while (script.Parent.Humanoid) do
	set_Camera_Offset() -- Calling the function



Is there a way to change the X and Z axis aswell? I have a character model im using and the head is big so the camera ends up in the center of the head rather than where the eyes are.

You pass a Vector3 value to CameraOffset, so just pass values for the X and Z different than 0.