A way to disable default plugins?

I have A LOT of plugins and my plugin bar is quite cluttered.

I know there has to be a way to remove them from the files or something, but I cant figure out what/where it would be. Does anybody know a way to remove them without a third party app?


I think there is a way to remove them from your plugin folder.

The plugins folder is for local plugins created by the user

Hmmm. My bad. Im probably on a different device than you. In my plugin folder, I can disable plugins or add new ones.

On the side of the menu bar press ‘Plugin Management’ it will allow you, whether to remove plugins disable them - uninstall certain ones you don’t use or need. It does allow you to find new plugins published in the toolbox. In your case Plugin toolbar > Mange plugins, it gives you the option to enable or disable plugins.

That’s only for plugins the user has installed I meant the default plugins that are installed

I don’t think you can disable default plugins, you can only disable plugins that you bought or not had by default.

Sorry for the bump, I saw @CloneTrooper1019 do that on Twitter and say how much faster Roblox loaded, I think it probably needs the Roblox Studio Mod Manager or something, I’m going to do try to use that to do this, have you guys discovered anything? All these plugins for me are useless for me:

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I bumped post to know if theres a way to turn off those plugins.

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Follow these steps.

Done! Now you will not see the plugin. (It’s not uninstalled)

Bump because there’s zero justification for these niche plugins to be taking up all this space, with no way to disable them.


He’s asking about default plugins, not user-created plugins. Read the thread thoroughly before posting next time.

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I try to help all the developers, I always read the whole problem, but here it clearly never refers to the default plugins. It’s better to help than to criticize others.

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I didn’t read that reply.
It seems that you are right, thank you for the advice.
I’m sorry.


anyone know yet, cant find any flags for it

So, I figured it out:

@Tinfloco_Sushi @no_tsi @AljoSven @jelliedbanana @Varsitelle

Basically, go to your Roblox’s Studio version folder, then go to the built-in plugins folder, and remove it from there, also inside of there, there’s gonna be a “optimized” folder, also remove that.

I recommend creating another folder (both in the main folder, and optimized ones) where you just put your files instead of just deleting them, these are pretty integrated plugins so it can cause issues. You can remove very cores of Studio itself here.

Better, if you could just make folders to put certain plugins into, that’s hard to implement because of the nature of plugins but :weary:


thank youuuu, i wish this was just built into roblox…

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Is there a way I can remove only specific plugins? I’m having an issue where the animation one is preventing me from being able to select models whatsoever without the explorer, but I want to keep the others.

This is essentially what you’re doing.

If you really are just removing the animation plugin, it’s possible that model selecting talks to the animation editor (that would make sense) and that causes model selecting to error and not work. What files are you removing?