A way to easily rearrange group ranks

Group ranks are one of the most important features the group system has, be it for a role-play group, fan group, or any other special purposes.

There come times where group owners need to add a new rank or change the purpose of a certain rank, and that may result in needing to move ranks around so they appear in the proper order and have appropriate rank numbers.

Though currently, it’s quite the task to do this as you will need to go to all ranks one by one, give them new rank numbers so that they’re all in the new order you want.

By perhaps giving us the ability to drag-and-drop ranks in the correct order and doing so would automatically change the number ordering of all affected ranks it would make the process much smoother and would take little-to-no time as it should!


A drag and drop feature for organizing group ranks would be nice. I would also like to see Roblox make the group ranks always display highest to lowest. On the main group page, they display Lowest to highest.

This isn’t really possible. The order is determined by the priority/level of the ranks. If you move the rank, what would the new level be? Maybe instead, there should be an easier way to change the level of the rank.

Increments of one, the rank nunber would be equivalebt to its order with 1 being the lowest member rank, 0 being a guest rank, and the number of ranks being the owner rank. Dragging the roles will determine its order and what its rank number would be. Dragging the roles would in fact be the easiest, most efficient, and user friendly way to change the “level” of a rank.

They should get rid of values for role ranks and just work solely based on the ordering. It would make more sense than the current system.


Exactly! That is exactly what they should do!

Well what would happen to scripts that check the role’s rank? Such as, role.Rank > 250. What would the role rank turn into if this was added?

They can still support the existing values behind the scenes so as to not break anything that exists.

Whenever you reorder in the new system it would just update the rank values to be 1,2,3,… or whatever. There’s multiple ways they can approach. I’m not really interested in discussing the specific solution. Just think that rank values are an outdated concept and they can provide something more convenient for role ordering as well as checking “is user in this role or higher role”.

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