A Way To Flag Posts For Being Incorrectly Marked As Solution Multiple Times

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to flag a post for a rare scenario in-where a reply was incorrectly marked as ‘solution’ to a #feature-requests or #bug-reports topic. For example, I recently came across a #bug-reports topic in-where someone marked a temporary workaround reply as solution, I flagged the post to have the solution tag removed and went on with my browsing, when I later came back to the forum, I noticed that my report was responded to and that the solution tag was gone. However, I then came to sudden realisation that the OP could simply set the reply as solution again and I would be unable to flag it due to the one-flag policy, I could no longer flag the reply. That also means even if it could no longer be marked as solution, then I would be no longer be able to report the post for anything else in the future.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I wouldn’t have to worry about strategically using my one-time flag for posts in-where this is the case.


I understand what you are saying and I agree that marking workarounds as a solution is not right but I believe this would be an extremely rare edge case.

For example in the post you mentioned, the OP did not mark my workaround as a solution again after it was removed and I believe most others would not as well.

Yes it is an extremely rare edge-case however the consequences of which can be detrimental, topics with a marked solution are more likely to be overlooked by engineers or outright closed meaning everyones’ likes and replies are in vain.

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Got a better solution for your problem

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You cannot report a post for ‘something else’ if you’ve already reported the post previously.

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You can add to the report by going to your profile > messages > sent.

“Something else” creates a DM with the mod team where you can go into detail about what is happening.

I have previously attempted to do this only to receive no response, it appears that once a report is responded to, it will no longer be responded to even if it’s updated with a new message.