A way to Prevent/Reduce Spamming

I noticed people who spam on the developer forum usually create multiple spam topics within 1 hour.

So I was thinking, “Should there be a limit on posting topics?”. To be more specific, I think there should be limits such as:

  • You can post only a maximum of 2 topics per day

This may prevent people from spamming multiple topics within an hour like they did on April 1st and even if it doesn’t stop spamming it will at least reduce the amount of clutter made by it.

Do This will prevent/reduce spamming?
  • Yes I think it will
  • No I think it won’t
  • Other thoughts/Ideas (Reply)

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If people spam multiple topics, the moderators can take care of it and they can ban the user. Topic limits are not a great approach at preventing spam because it can affect developers who might need to create multiple topics for something in #bulletin-board or they might be asking a lot of questions in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, and in situations where people do repeatedly create topics on the DevForum, it gets resolved in less than 30 minutes.

In the end, a topic limit would do more harm than good, and if you ever do see someone spam topics, just flag the topic(s) and moderators will remove them and ban the user.

2 topics a day is not too much, what if someone needs help with a lot of things? i dont think people will like this idea.

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