A weird hole appears on my mesh after being imported to Studio

So I’ve been messing with blender the past few days and decided to work on a simple low poly palm tree. In Blender, everything looks fine, however, once imported to Studio the top of the trunk has a weird hole that you can observe from each direction; following the camera sort of.


The only thing that I did that could potentially cause this was that in order to fill the gap (see image below) I used F3 > gapfill. I’m unsure if this could be the reason or not since I’m not familiar with the mechanics just yet, nor if this has already been answered on the devforum.

All help is strongly appreciated.


Did you try using FBX to import it into studio?

Turn on Face Orientation option to see wether it’s blue or red.
Blue means it will be solid outside.
Red means that normals will be inverted giving a weird effect, like on your image.

Just select your mesh, press Tab and then select everything by pressing Ctrl + A, and then Shift + N, to invert the normals! Once your mesh is blue everywhere, you won’t have a problem anymore.


Try toggling the DoubleSide property on the mesh in Roblox studio to true and see if it fixes

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