A welcome guide for new users

when a new user joins and their rank becomes a member they get a message saying promotion to the new member and greetings from discobot, that really it. but I feel that you’re able to explore without having to read any starting helpful guides.

So I got this idea of a welcome screen, something like this

when a new user joins. the person would be gritty with a welcome screen that they have to read the rules, how to use flags to report bad posts and etc, they must read all the following topics that are on welcome screen for they can start browsing devforum. i hoping this may prevent Unnecessary topics

Does this seem like a good feature?


Yes, I would like something like that since I found the tutorial with discobot to be quite confusing at times, and many people do not read the rules and when they get leveled up to member, they spam off-topic things all over the forum.


The Discobot message that you receive when you first join the forum is all you can get due to Discourse’s limitations

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I think that this is a good idea. I think they should add a tab in the dev forum where it has those “help and feedback” tabs or " portfolio" etc. They should add a tab that says “introductory” or something along those lines that has information about the dev forum that users can go to whenever they need assistance or direct basic help about the dev forum.

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Not really. People would just scroll through the topics to mark them as read.

All of these topics are way too long to be actually read by real people, especially the rules thread.


How about they require to use discobot and read guidelines? That’ll get them to actually use it.

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How about a quiz feature that makes people get a 100% before they can use the forum. Does that sound like a good idea?

I agree. I don’t even know if Discourse can do that. :fearful:

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Back to my reply to crazedbrick1.

I think not. because that would be hard. or other reasons that I dont know though. but people may explain it soon. Instead do the idea by @AndreiMattPonayaDF or @static2240. Its an better idea. What do you think?


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And no this seems too hard to implement.
Make it harder to get in the devforum maybe …