A wooden bridge

If you need more pictures please tell me!

Hello. I’ve just built a bridge and would like some feedback. Please give me some suggestions that can improve the quality of my bridge.

context: the bridge is going to be the spawn area for a hangout game. I also am currently only using roblox studio, no 3D modelling apps.


Wow, it looks great. Might want to try and make it a little more realistic though. (Change the colors, and make the rocks look more real)

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by that do you mean use a mix of colours?

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Add more color to the bridge so that it will look more Realistic.

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I think it should be more curvy it would add more depth to the bridge, and the pillar supporting the bridge could be bigger and more detail too. Instead of using a blue part as water maybe use terrain water to make it look better.

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Yeah that is what i mean by that. At the moment it just looks like a crossing. Not the best bridge.

ok! will change a few things then update you guys. im a bit of a slow builder so it could take a bit.

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That is fine, Thanks for taking our feedback! Might want to mark it as solution so people know.

The bridge has a very nice look, and it looks basic! I would suggest adding more details and color schemes to the bridge. You can also take references by getting inspirations about how a bridge would look like, which will make it look fantastic.

Overall, it looks nice and I really liked it. Keep up the great progress! :+1:

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i think i over did it with the curvy bits

That not really what I meant . - ., The curvy part I was saying is the pillar supporting the bridge. Something like this image
that does look better though.

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i tried to mimic the photo… i failed but i love how it turned out.

that is pretty decent though :D. the only thing left is the pillar, resize them and mix some darker brown in there and it should look pretty nice :>

can you expand on that? (30 characters) with any amount of text the 30 char is there so i can send it.

look at the main pillar in this picture. The same can go to your bridge since it would be more realistic make them bigger to support the bridge.

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