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This looks like the roblox version of velma from scooby doo pretty cool.


I agree with @BaggyChris. You didn’t quite hit the mark with Aang. It’s close! But when I see it I don’t first think “that’s Aang!”.

looks, more like tenzin :smirk: jkjk but going off of @BaggyChris and @LandofLee1620’s comments, we don’t really think That’s AANG!!! For starters, doesn’t he also have arrows on his arms? Also another cool thing you could do is attach the folded glider to his back, or make him holding it, those are just off the top of my head but good job!

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probably lol. Maybe its just an air nomad master

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Yeah, an air nomad is probably a better word to describe it.
@prTESTAQ lol, nice joke

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