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:pineapple: “Fresh ingredients, fresh taste.”

Greetings, and welcome. Aauvi is a new and upcoming Juice Bar on the Roblox platform. We specialise in providing the most exquisite and nutritious drinks. We aim to provide all of our customers with an unforgettable experience! Our staff cares about the well-being of our customers and ensuring the quality of service is amazing.


Did you get banned from the communications server, demoted, or permanently banned from the games?
Don’t fret. We have an appeal guide for you, continue reading below.

You should include the information below while typing your sentences.

  • Why you were banned/demoted?
  • How can you benefit Aauvi by being unbanned/undemoted?
  • How you can help others by being unbanned/undemoted?

This can all be in a short paragraph or a long paragraph on a Google Document. Using grammar is completely optional, but it’s highly recommending when appealing.

If you were permanently banned from our Discord & Roblox games due to raiding or exploiting, you cannot appeal.

Please keep in mind If you’re appealing for a demotion, you must review your actions as to why you were demoted. Being demoted for a valid reason means you cannot appeal. If you were demoted falsely, THEN you may appeal.

Lastly, you need to contact a member of the Leadership Team to read your appeal.


Thank you for showing interest within Aauvi! We are always here for your support, please join us to help us out! If you need to contact anyone, please message any Staff member.

Executive Board.