Abandoned Gas Station in the Middle of Nowhere

I built a pretty standard abandoned gas station taken over by nature.

Please tell me how I did!
(This is my first time messing around with settings.)


Hi @JustOneOfTheKind, cool gas station, but this doesn’t look like abandoned.

I think this would look more abandoned if you added foliage to your build (grass, rocks, vines, trees). You could also make it a bit rusty and I think adding moss to the concrete ground would make it look better.

Another thing I’ll say is to avoid deep colors (the really blue color you used) because it looks too sharp if you know what I mean. To make this look more realistic I would suggest changing the blue color to something less cartoony. Maybe something like electric blue?

The building is missing fuel pumps. How were the cars supposed to get gas?

Lastly, I’ll suggest adding a convenience store behind the station to make it seem more realistic.

That’s all I’ll say, and good luck!


It looks alright, although it doesn’t look abandoned. Try adding some broken materials around it and follow DJ’s feedback.

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Cant remember the last time i seen a run down building with working lights, but other then that, good job.

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Looks brand new, add cracks in the road, give the building some rust, add some more foliage, maybe add a broken car, then there you go great job keep up the good work!

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Looks pretty “undetailed” and “unrealistic” because you’ve only usen like 12 parts to make that.

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looks pretty awesome, maybe make it have that feeling of “abandoned” more.

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This looks pretty nice so far, but here are a few things I can suggest for feedback.

Add a gas station price sign that’s not digital and it’s analog with the numbers falling off. (Kinda like this picture)

Maybe have the pillars that hold up the gas station closer to the center (Like in this picture).

Have the roof of the platform at an incline to add to the abandoned feel.

Add some fuel pumps (Diesel pumps are optional)

Add a little kiosk that sells the gasoline (Kinda like this picture)

That’s all that come in mind for me, good luck with your gas station!


I recommend that you avoid using neon.

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So plain and you can use roblox’s Materials (concrete,brick…exm)

GoodJob! :slight_smile:

Look good, you could add some details such as, textures and maybe make it a bit wider.

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It looks like a table, like actually. I don’t like this build too much.

This looks almost brand new. I suggest making this a lot more torn up. The lights should be removed, foliage should be leaking into the concrete, gas pumps need to be added, and other features other people have suggested. Looking up pictures as a reference is helpful. Here is an example of a abandoned gas station. Lastly, try to make it bigger and use proportions by using a default Roblox model as a scale reference.