Abandoned shopping mall

Currently building and modeling new location for my showcase, feedback, adviсes, IDEAS for this location are very appreciated!

Link to showcase:


Ooo la la so beautiful madame moisselles ze well done :heart_eyes:


Honestly it looks amazing but I have two issues

  • In places marked below you should place some shattered/broken glass (not sure if it’s the same)

  • The bushes look pretty… Bad, not gonna lie. If you can, try to make them look more natural


Ty for your constructive feedback, I’ll add broken elements ofc, everything you see isn’t done!

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Haven’t read the whole post, that makes sense now

So, the build is fantastic! The only thing that breaks the beauty is the sky. Wouldn’t it look more attractive if it would be night and with stars in the sky?

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I will change the skybox and lighting later

I like the mall just changed the background 8/10

Ty for such high rating for an unfinished project✨