Abandoned Subway Feedback - Work In Progress

Currently making an abandoned subway for my game, if you can review it it’ll be good.
It’s work in progress.

This will be for a puzzle / combat type of game, maybe I’ll add horror elements to it.


Looks nice, in my opinion. Maybe add some moss textures and meshes to it, and cut the edges using unions. And you should also edit the lighting a bit.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I will try to.

I highly recommend using PBR textures for the wood planks. Also, don’t forget to set Environment Specular and Diffuse scales to 1 to achieve better lighting.

On the other hand, I like how you’ve added screw details to tracks, but screws should always be cylinder.

Adding broken glass to the floor can also give a better feeling of abandonedness, as well as getting a custom PBR material to use for corroded metal.

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Looks great! :slight_smile:
My advise maybe would be adding some ‘assets’ and details around the place such as chairs, ticket machines, lights, etc.
And also add a ‘border’ around the tunnel, or add multiple bricks with a decreasing transparency to look like it fades out.

I know it is not finished yet, but looking good so far!

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