Abandoned Subway Showcase Exploration

I have a post similar to this about 17days ago but I have added some changes and a new area to the game, so I decided to make another post.

Here is the game: (8) Subway - Roblox

For those who want pictures, I am sorry but I cannot provide, because the entire map (or at least the majority) is in the dark so I cant show you everything through pictures.


When you walk through the long tunnel, and are met with a large open room, there is 4 areas where a subway would pass by. 3 out of the 4, are caved in, you have to find the one that isn’t caved in, also you can scale the rocks if you want to get over the tracks.

Please give me your feedback :slight_smile:

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The reason I gave instructions is because apparently the game is hard to navigate around, so yeah.

What are you trying to do, scare the crap out of me? Also

I can walk on the plants

Also would be cool with some creaking or dripping water sound.

Got to the stereo and then failed to teleport.

Overall I think its great, but I don’t see a backstory, you just don’t randomly spawn in an abandoned subway, you should create a backstory of how the person got there.

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Lol sorry, the teleport does fail sometimes, I don’t know why. How would I go about making a backstory?

Ill add a dripping sound, I like that idea alot.

The reason you can walk on the plant at the beginning on the game, is because the walking sounds do not work unless you do sometimes like that, I don’t really know why

Not sure, but the backstory should include whatever is killing those people, why the subway is abandoned, and how the person got there. Depending what you’re going for can change the backstory.

For the plant, that’s weird. I would try and post that on scripting help to see if you can try to avoid walking on the plant to active the walking sound, unsure why you need to do that.

Well, I did use a tutorial for it, but I will send it on scripting help.

Yeah, I would. I’m not sure why you need to step on the plant to get the walking sounds to work.

I might also make a post about the teleport script, it doesnt have an issue in output so

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I think the showcase is perfect! Well made and creepy! I like the creepy vibe it gives off when you’re exploring the game! Nice job!


It’s a very well put together game, but it still has some flaws. From the first topic you created showcasing this game, I stated that the railroads were way too big. I suggest making them smaller. Making two small rails parallel to each other would fix this issue. Here’s an example:

Another issue is the lighting. Honestly, the flashlight sucks and I can barely see anything. Even with my computer brightness turned up all the way, you can’t see a single thing. It really strains my eyes squinting the whole time trying to figure out where to go. Also, climbing over these walls gets difficult at times since the character doesn’t have the ability to jump.

I’ve found a workaround for this by climbing onto the rocks and walking over the wall. I’m not exactly sure if this is how you’re supposed to do it, sometimes it can get kinda confusing.

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Yeah you are supposed to climb over the rocks, I get that it can be confusing, also, the lighting is something I am always trying to figure out, I cannot find a good balance where people find it not too hard to see, but also dark enough. I know that the train tracks are too wide and 2 tracks is a solid idea, I will do that tomorrow. Thank you.

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