Abandoned underground station

Hi, Im Kyo and I made this abandoned underground station, I wanted it to look scary, do you like it? Feedback and likes are appreciated :smile:

Thank you.


This looks really cool! My only suggestion is to incorporate more materials instead of just plastic. Right now it just makes everything look flat and kind of off, but with some work it can look even better :slight_smile:


if youre actually going for something scary maybe remove the puns? if its suppose to be a more jokey type map then they work, aside from that just work on some details and more materials so it seems less flat

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This actually look really cool! I really like the style and stuff. I’d like to see more of this stuff in the future! Have fun building.

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It’s committed. The only thing that caught was the lack of diversifying materials. You need to use more materials or realistic decals to make your game look more appealing, in my opinion.

Looks pretty good, to make it scarier I suggest you add textures to all the parts and play around with the lighting a bit!

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The neon text doesn’t really make sense, and there isn’t much variety of textures or materials. I’d suggest using concrete or more metal.
Overall, a genuinely good build! The knocked over arcade machines and dim lighting really sell it for me.

On the contrary to other opinions I’m rather fond of the plastic material you have incorporated on your underground it makes it look more retro pre 2014-15 and in my opinion better suited to horror as it adds more suspense.

Of course others may have different opinions to my own but I do reminisce classic builds.

Regardless, good luck.

It’s a simplistic style I’m assuming you where wanting to accomplish it that certain way.

However if it’s abandoned try adding props I suggest utilizing with dirt or stain textures and colors add things you’ll see when visiting a underground station, it looks quite bland looking however that depends on if your wanting to keep it basic and not much details need to be added: Maybe try adding cracked wall parts featuring stained area with dirt, broken signs, or some paper and litter on the ground.

There are many ways to make it look more interesting try taking a look at known stations use reference images to get simple details related to what’s in a station, from my personal opinion there is still space for improvements continue to see what is missing. :slightly_smiling_face: