Abel's Restaurant Franchise | Promotion Guide

Low Rank

  • Be active by attending training sessions and shifts.
  • Show hard work, professionalism, excellent grammar and dedication. This is counted with ethics.
  • Show HRs that you are active, professional, mature, positive and you have an excellent grammar. * Don’t tell them, they will see for themselves.
  • Hinting for a promotion will be a warning, the next time you hint is a demotion. Please be aware of the third bullet on this list. High-Ranks note everything down, don’t worry!
  • You must wait at least 1 month or two weeks to get promoted. If you’re active enough, the more chances of your promotion will increase!

Middle Rank

  • Attend interview sessions, training sessions, and shifts.
  • Be active.
  • Use excellent grammar.
  • Be professional.
  • Wait 1 month or 2 to be promoted.
  • Show HRs that you are showing hard work and dedication. You are NOT to tell the HRs, they will notice themselves and note you down for future promotions.
  • Hinting about how hard you work doesn’t help, if you hint your chances of being promoted will decrease. If it continues, a demotion will be taken.
  • Be positive and mature.


  • Host interviews, training, and shifts.
  • Be active.
  • Have excellent grammar, don’t use hard words. Take it easy.
  • Be professional, positive and mature. USE OFFICIAL GUIDES.
  • Show the SHR team or the ownership team that you are able to handle situations, host sessions and to keep information on trello and discord accurate.
  • Do not hint about being promoted or how hard you work.
  • Proceed every session smoothly.
  • Try not to cancel any sessions, have another HR take over if available.
  • Post each upcoming training center that you host on Trello.