Abenaki huge update v.0010


Abenaki after a week of relative inactivity/minor bug fixes now comes back with a pretty big update!

Most importantly is:

  • Traducir en español! Mostly though. We’re working on it!
  • Mobile support! You can run, fly, and the interface looks a bit less haunting in customizing/main world!
  • Raptor and Scorpion wolf!
  • Huge terrain revamp!
    – Nature now looks like a dense forest
    – Hidden cave :^)
    – Huge Sky-Fire bridge
    – Island-swamp
    – Meadows/caves
    Much more! You’ll have to play to see all of it.
    Minimap also updated to reflect.
  • Reset wolf easier

We’re preparing for :gem: things - what’s this? Stay tuned!


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