Ability to access a universe's sub-place (and a shared game) without going to the direct URL

Currently, it’s impossible to access a universe’s sub-place (games inside of a universe) from Roblox studio. There is also nowhere I can view these games from under the ‘development’ page on the Roblox website, instead I’m forced to bookmark the games and access them from the URL directly by pressing ‘edit’.

I can open the place up on Google Chrome with a URL but studio only shows the games main place under ‘Shared With Me’.


Open the Game widget in Studio. It has a list of all places in the game – double click to open.


For big games or slow computers, it’s sometimes a hassle to open two places like this at the same time. Most places aren’t that big, but unoptimised places or really detailed showcases are.

@HeadlessHorror you can get them on the website via Create/Development > Places (instead of games) and scroll through to find it. They are ordered by date created rather than being grouped by game though, so one of my friend’s games with 5 sub places is a mess as other projects were worked on in between.

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That works in theory but during actual usage it is very tedious to wait 30 seconds (or longer) for the lobby to open + game explorer to fully load in (it loads it all at once, so if the number of game assets is very high this window can take a bit to load in my experience), then clicking another place and waiting for that to load again + having to close the old window with the lobby.

Would be great if there was a way to just pick the place you need to be in straight away so it doesn’t waste any time.


Your solution does work, somewhat. However, for accessing the places under it, this is inefficient and a nuisance, to say the least, this requires me to open multiple places when I just want to directly access one game.

I am not the owner of the game and therefore do not have the Universe places under the development category, the owner has to share each individual place under the game (universe) and the main one, then I have to go to the URL on Google Chrome/browser to get to the games page.

I still have no access to edit the place directly from the web browser under ‘development’ including the main game it’s self as I do not own, I was granted access through team create. The game is under a user’s games rather than a groups. The same issue occurs if I were to share access to a game using the new Game Permissions feature that’s been introduced (into studio) if I didn’t give the developer access to edit ALL games under the group.