Ability to add items to the context menu via plugins

The context menu is the menu that appears when you right-click something.

I’m suggesting we be able to add our own items to the menu. With a Plugin:CreateContextMenuItem() function.

:CreateContextMenuItem() – Returns ContextMenuItem

.Enabled = Bool
.Icon = Content
.Text = String
.ShortcutText = String – Only matters on non-sub-items

:CreateContextMenuItem() – Returns another ContextMenuItem under the current one - an arrow appears that leads to the list of sub-items.

.Activated() – Fired when it’s activated. This can’t fire if sub-items exist[/code]

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This would be great because I work in teams with builders and I’m usually the only scripter.
Sometimes they dont like it when I create a bunch of plugins and being able to do something subtle like this would make life a lot easier for us.