Ability to change a group's clan name


Hi there, I just came up with this idea randomly while buying a clan for my new group.

In general, my idea is basically being able to rename a group’s clan. You would have a settings in the group’s admin tab that would allow you to change the name of the clan.

This feature would allow us to further specifiy whom the people in the clan are. Such as admins, developers, HR’s, “cool people”, etc…


This is how it looks now:

but what we could re-name the clan to something like “Admins”?

or even,

If you enjoy this random, yet little feature request, I would love your support.

Thanks! :smiley:

  • Vritix

A fun, simple idea. I can’t think of anything wrong with this. I want my group’s clan to be known as the “Doge Lovers”, post haste!


Thanks for the support!

I also support this. The term “clan” is for war groups mostly or cults so if we could rename it to our liking it would make more sense for our group’s genre, if ya know what I mean.

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I like the idea for the current implementation of groups, however clans in general just seem like an awkward feature that don’t hold up well with what they were meant to be for.

Clans were going to be a great way to compete with other groups, one way being through player points. Though player points are said to be going no where, I don’t see how clans are at all important for competing in games seeing as every game has their own player points system.

With big changes coming to groups in the future, clans are one of those features which better suited how Roblox used to be, but not what Roblox is now.

Over the past few years, it’s not hard to see Roblox’s transformation from a ‘game’ to a ‘development platform.’ Things like clans shouldn’t be directly supported by Roblox, and instead better features for groups to allow group owners to organize ‘clans’ how they think it should be.

Making experiences on Roblox is up to the users these days, and I don’t think clans should be any different. I like the idea of displaying this info for your group, but there’s better, more flexible ways of going about doing so.

A lot of groups these days more than ever have different purposes. Instead of having the clans system, I think having pages to list notable group members would be a better way to go. This would open up having spots to list staff, admins, developers with their jobs, war group generals, and really anything more suitable for your group. This would also take away the limitation of only one ‘page’ (currently clan tab) to display these notable members.

To summarise, the idea isn’t a bad one on its own, but I disagree with it because there’s better features we could have that would accomplish the same effect.

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