Ability to change default properties on instances

It is currently hard for a developer to give one second to change back a property in every instance they’ve just created. My solution is for you to allow us change the default properties on every instance class.

Anchored by default:

Use cases;

  • If a builder wants their parts anchored rather than enabling join surfaces
  • You may also want your Sounds to attach on the default sound service, in a specific volume or PlayOnRemove by default
  • To disable players from dropping tools by default
  • If the translation of TextLabels are updated by scripts rather than AutoLocalize enabled on them
  • If your game has a constaint FontType, to make it default for TextLabels and/or TextBoxes
  • Changing the default scales on HumanoidDescriptions
  • Changing the default particle size
  • A joyful one, you may even use it for script.Source property to make scripts start with a comment that holds your username, so other scripters in your project will see you made it.

I mean you may even want your parts to spawn with red, blue or pink, in my opinion that will add ease in some levels and joy in some levels aswell.

There was another post from 3 years ago, It is a very good idea but the use cases like translation are changed from that time. (I don’t know when translation property is added but we use it more frequently now)


How is this not default behavior anyways? Who the hell builds with unanchored parts