Ability To Change Group Relation Names


As a Roblox developer, it is currently not so practical to make relations between teams of developers, groups or RP style groups.

Currently, the system is there to support war style groups suggesting from the particular jargon used.

“Allies” & “Enemies” should be changed to match the most popular style of group or at least, to the group owner’s liking. Something such as “Partners” could be implemented to suit the majority of these groups on the site.

Later in the future, these new group relation categories could have potential benefits which could include group fund transfers, group fund payouts and other cool things that could work from a group to group basis.

Due to the time I have to make this request, I will not be going into detail or spending too much time making this post.

I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:


I’d suggest you flesh it out later when you have the time. As in everything, you usually have to be specific if you want things to be clear – otherwise subjective things would come into play and no one would know & achieve what you really want.

I support the current form of the idea. Being able to customise certain names for things would be really cool.

Here are the issues I’ve identified with the current system:

  • ‘Allies’ & ‘Enemies’ are only relevant to war clans, which are in the effective decline
  • ‘Enemies’ encourages negative (although organised) behavior towards other groups
  • ‘Enemies’ are also pretty useless & unproductive at this time (see above two points)

Even if things can’t be customised, it’d be good if this system got a face-lift.

As a side note, it’d be cool if this request could also apply to the group ‘Owner’ labels (e.g. have it be the same as the owner role name); however I can see some UX/consistency issues with this.


It would be good if this was added to the list of hundreds of things that need to be fixed with groups. However, considering Roblox isn’t and will seemingly never work on groups, I doubt this would even be considered, hence the lack of detail. This is more of a suggestion.

During my time on the devforum, I’ve seen little to no feature requests actually be implemented; another reason for the above excuse.