Ability to Corner-Scale a Part on studio

As a Roblox developer, it is a bit impossible and difficult to scale parts similar to a ScreenGui > Frame when scaling either direction on the side or corner and getting right measurements or a parts’ size when you’re making some sort of house or just normal building inside studio in a project or game of yours’.

Anywho, I’ve been working inside studio for almost 4 ~ 6 years and I find it difficult having some sort of corner scale button that would scale parts by it’s corner with the studs/value that you’ve set it too in the topbar. I’ve come across this feature or idea when I was working with UI designing and thought to myself that parts should have some sort of corner scale feature as it will help me a lot in map-making or game-making as I don’t have too move the mouse often and scale different axis points on a part.

However, there are workarounds with this feature like just using the simple Lua draggers when holding down shift and scaling or possibly making a plugin to achieve this, but with the Lua draggers, it really doesn’t scale by it’s “corner” rather than the whole base and for a plugin, too many plugins installed and harder to enable or disable inside studio.

Some usecases for this:

  • You can scale or size a part that will fill a room floor or a certain area inside a map/game whenever making one or scaling on the X, Y, and Z axis or scale for parts and models.

    • ^ This can be changed inside the Studio Settings by setting it on default or optional for developers across the platform.
  • For scripting purposes or building, this can be used for map generation or a time saver instead of moving the mouse from one point of a part to another which is a pain sometimes, or just simpler than usual.

  • Balancing all corners or foundations/sides of a part as it would make it even or uneven for scaling by the corner, while with simple dragging it would need more focus and concentration.

  • By scaling by its’ corner like a part or model, it would be easier to scale and more convenient than the normal scaling that we have at default, PLUS, you wouldn’t have to worry about how big or small that you’ve scaled, similar to a Frame or ImageButton.

^ It could somehow be similar or supported like the Frame Instance:

It could behave like how we scale UI Elements by it’s corner with the value that we need to scale in studs for a part/model.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience and development workflow and building experience because it will become easier for my building or improve it for me and other developers with scaling but as well as balancing both sides or all sides like X, Y and Z for a perfect size or shape for a Part, Sphere or Wedge in any corner of it.


We plan to do more stuff like this with the Lua Draggers in the future. Until then, the Transform tool does this: