Ability to create Non-Euclidean Space

As a Roblox Developer it is currently too hard to create Non-Euclidean Space.
Sure, it’s possible, but there is no simple solution for it.

I’d like to have a feature that we can easily create almost a double realm space.

If we had a feature that we could easily create Non-Euclidean Space, I believe this would open up a whole new world of opportunities with Roblox Development.

What exactly is Non-Euclidean Space?
I don’t really have a great definition of it, so I check out the Examples and Demos I list down at the bottom, the example of making a Tardis should explain it pretty well.

Examples of what we could Achieve
  • We could create a Tardis that has seamless transitions without the need of teleporting.
    If you don’t know what a Tardis is, it is a Police Phone Box, and when you walk into it, it opens up a HUGEEE time machine, of practically never ending room(s).
    In the picture (the picture is down below), you’ll see the police box, inside of it is big time machine room, if it didn’t have Non-Euclidean Geometry, you would just see a phone booth, but with it, you can enter into a huge place, yet every one else thinks you’re just in a phone booth

  • In the game Portal, when you open a Portal, you can see into that area and look all around it, yet still look around your current surroundings.

  • In the TV Show “The Flash”, Vibe can create breaches into anywhere he thinks. Similarly to Portal. In Roblox, you could open a breach anywhere in a game and breach into, for example, a cave, or a mineshaft.

  • We could create a seamless portal, or doorway to another place in the world, as shown in the movie Doctor Strange when Strange is fighting Kaecilious and his disciples. But in the different place in the world, you would still have the doorway to see back to where you were, but you can also see around you.

  • Here is another example from Doctor Strange, when Strange creates a portal to the hospital, here is a picture to explain it better than I can

Doctor Strange Picture

Tardis Picture


This is a game that achieved it, but it is very limited to what you can do with it.

It is somewhat possible with a glitch in the glass material, but even that doesn’t do justice to what we could do.
Here is a simple Demo I did with the glass material.


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