Ability to delay Studio updates

As a Roblox developer with a bad WiFi connection, it’s very frustrating being unable to work for half an hour because of a fairly inconsequential or minor Studio update. My suggestion is to give a prompt when Studio is opened an an update is available which you can select to ‘update now’ or ‘update when Studio is next closed’, similar to how paint net works with software updates, which could even include a mini changelog of what is new in the update. All this would be in place of automatically updating when Studio is opened. Of course, there would have to be some restrictions on this, for example a very urgent update would have to be unskippable, but for updates which just bring a couple of new features like today’s update, I see no reason for it to be forcefully installed.

If this feature was added, it would save me and, I’m sure, a lot of other developers the frustration of sitting and waiting for an update for over half an hour, not being able to work - today’s update isn’t entirely necessary to me personally, but I’ve been unable to work for over half an hour because of the updates.

In general, this isn’t much of a big change but it would just be really useful for everyone else who’s on under 10Mbps wifi :slight_smile:


You can save the place as a .rbxl file and then re-open it when it’s time to publish and “Publish to Roblox As.”


I need to be able to use Team Create though, and I’m not sure I’d remember to save it every night

Team Create requires you to be using the latest version of Studio for synchronization reasons (wouldn’t want a client sending data in an old format and then breaking everything), so even if this feature were implemented it wouldn’t really help you in this case.


I think that studio updates are pushed automatically to prevent old versions of studio that may have removed/outdated/broken tools or features from being used for the sake of the developer

but being able to delay for short periods of time (example would be 24 hours, and one-time per update only seems reasonable)

or also comparability issues come to mind, I am unsure if using team create would work if developer A is using studio update A while developer B is using studio update B, and so forth

but those are both purely random ideas, nothing to back them up

Of course there are things to be considered like this, but like I said, if the update is completely necessary, it would be unskippable

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ROBLOX do weekly updates - as @EchoReaper said, the synchronisation would break if the client and server versions had a mismatch. Since most updates are bundled together in that weekly updates, it’s impractical. to differentiate between what is needed and what isn’t

They’d have to change some things of course, but your last point isn’t really valid - if any of the updates are 100 percent necessary, it will automatically update

That’s not how ROBLOX works. Most non-critical updates are released at the same time, in the same release.

So, how do you differentiate between what is needed and not? There are internal reasons why they release like this. Regardless, this wouldn’t even decrease the number of times your client would need to update, nor would it really have much of an effect on the download speed, considering roblox has to update weekly for security reasons.

I don’t think we’re on the same page - I’m saying if ANY part of the update is critical, like the security reasons you are mentioning, it wouldn’t be an option to update after you leave.

I know it wouldn’t decrease the number of times you need to update, but you could make it update after you’ve finished developing instead of before - I couldn’t make anything yesterday because even after an hour the update hadn’t finished. I’d have been happy to leave my computer on overnight after I finished while I slept to let it update.

I don’t know why you’re still requesting this since it doesn’t solve your use case, but anyways this is already possible. Run Studio from RobloxStudioBeta.exe instead of the launcher and it will not check for updates.

I actually have been doing this for months now by simply pinning roblox when its open that way when I close and reopen it’d open the same version and not look for an update.

Though be warned, this does cause issues after a few updates as roblox does add some important stuff, especially if you want team create to work properly.

I’m not sure if this works for everyone but as I said open roblox studio and pin it. I use Windows 8.1 (sadly) but it works.

Weekly updates? Everytime I launch roblox studio It starts updating even when i updated it for like 3 hours

I understand i have this problem too, currently i trying to install it but i get weird error and its requires to do another install roblox studio and its starts from again i have 0.8Mbps internet wifi and its still installing
(its says Installing not updating but i was using roblox studio yesterday i dont know why)

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