Ability to Delete Games w/o Start Place

I completely agree, the main issue is ROBLOX’s ID system uses integers right now. The ID of the asset is the number of assets that have been uploaded + 1.

There was a thread a month back that I read, where someone suggested ROBLOX using a hash for an ID key for every asset.

Until they move from a numerical ID system, this won’t really be possible since you will have missing ID numbers when you delete an asset.

With a hash ID system or something similiar that is non-numerical, this will be possible.

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The ID doesn’t need to be freed up, it can just be marked somehow internally, and adjust the APIs such that they do not return marked items in the results.

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What would the point of keeping deleted assets be?

Don’t know, I’m replying to your comment where you imply it would be a problem to delete them. They can just be hidden on the develop pages instead if that were a problem (but I doubt it)

Let me rephrase what I meant: it doesn’t matter really how the feature would be implemented, as long as it solves the need described in the first post. (being able to remove/hide clutter on develop pages)


This feature would be very useful considering we can’t upload places directly under an existing game(I don’t think).