Ability to Delete Games w/o Start Place

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to–
Yeah, that.

My Develop page is chock full of these placeholders that I have no use for, and they just add to my scrolling time to reach the game I’m looking for. It’s too hard to clean out my Develop page, essentially.

I would like to have the ability to delete games that lack a starting place, or any connected places at all.

This is, in reality, quite a small thing, but it’s another step towards improving and polishing the Develop page.


Yeah, I’d like that, but…

There’s a reason (I think?) that Roblox doesn’t add deleting as an option for all places and games.
This could be to stop hackers from seriously stuffing things up.

This would simply make deleting games have an extra step (take the places out of a targeted game); so it won’t change much.


Well, if the places aren’t in the game that gets deleted, have the places really been deleted? The idea is that there’s nothing in these blank game files in the first place, so there’s no reason to keep them around.


Yes, but data stores and linked sources and anything else universe-specific will be removed.

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Data is linked to the start place and not the game. If you change the start place of a game, all the data will reset. Games are just over-glorified containers at the moment – tbh it’d be great to do away with them completely and just give the start place a special tab in its config, because all games do is convolute the process.


Maybe you could delete a game, but have it on like a 30 day holding period before its actually removed.


Hm, but is there really any asset you can delete? You can delete assets such as decals, clothing, audio etc. from your inventory - but those still exist on the website after that.

But I do agree, it would be great to be able to clean up on stuff you don’t use either way, and no one else uses.

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I’d love to have the ability to delete games (and even places) that I have no use for.

I have at least 5-6 games that have no places associated with them, since they were created by default when I created a new place.


If deleting these unused places and games is too hazardous, maybe consider giving us some kind of way to hide them, or flag more important games and places so they float to the top of the list.




A temporary solution is JavaScript, and then TamperMonkey. Insert code that removes the "Start Place: None"s every time you hit the develop page.

That for now seems plausible.

100% suppoert.

Maybe a game “Archive?” Similar to your inbox. You could bring it back in the future if hackers are an issue.


a better feature would maybe be the ability to sort games ('favorite/tag your own games to appear in developer tab towards the top, maybe create date/update date etc)

but I see how getting bloat out of your way would benefit productivity


We should support this or at least allow you to hide them. There is a lot that needs to be done to the develop page. (Maybe even make it easier to add a start place)


I support this idea, however the flaw about this is if a “hacker” gets into your profile, they can do anything they want to, which includes deleting all your places.

My idea would possibly be some sort of password that is seperate from your account that you can set up in your settings, and when you click on delete Game/Place, it will require the code which could possibly be one that you set up on your profile, or if you have another way connected to your account (email, phone number, etc) You could be sent a verification code.

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Convoluted. Just archive the place without deleting it – hidden from main view, but anyone can go back to the archive and restore games/assets at no penalty if someone maliciously archives them.



The post was suggesting a way to delete completely empty games. There’s nothing for account thieves to delete other than blank universes.

Oh, alright. I just find it confusing that its has to be completely empty before removing in the first place.

Yeah, it’s more of a way to clear scraps that aren’t used than an actual tool to delete places.

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I would rather have the freedom to delete ANYTHING that I made.

Garbage models I made 5 years ago? DELETE!
Failed clothing attempts? DELETE!
Failed textures? DELETE!
Failed Meshes? DELETE!
Empty games? DELETE!

There is literally NO reason to keep them on the website. They’re not for sale and no one would ever use them anyway. Does it not just take up unnecessary space? How does that not cost Roblox anything?

I understand that people might accidentally delete stuff or get hacked, so just do some sort of garbage bin where it has to wait X amount of time before it goes away or it can be restored… XD