Ability to disconnect players via the website

Hi all,
not sure if this has been requested previously, but I couldn’t find anything when doing a quick search.

Why not implement a feature which allows people with game edit permissions, to disconnect (kick) users from the game via the server list page. As ROBLOX continues to grow, so does the temptation for more trolls to join the community. This feature would allow people to quickly remove players who are causing issues within the game. While I understand you can do this with a few lines of code inside the game, I feel an option to do this from the ROBLOX website would be highly beneficial.


It would be great if it could be a permission in a group. That way a dev team could hire moderators to remove problematic people. The only caveat is, how would they know someone is problematic if they aren’t in the server with them.


There would need to be more depth to this feature if it were to be useful. They could just simply rejoin (that’s if it isn’t a blacklist). Honestly it seems better just to make your own player blacklist and use http requests. You can use something as simple as Google Forms and have a lot more customization (timed bans, reason, etc) to it. Plus if you have your own admin script with a kick/ban command you can integrate it with the database so one for both online and in-game.


Yeah, I agree with you here, it’d be more ideal if their were ways to view the going-on’s of the server from the site. Which to be fair, probably wouldn’t be added, as it’s more the developers role to make these kind of additions to their game.