Ability to dock lua widgets to main view


As a developer, it’s currently difficult to get a large working space for lua widgets. I can dock to the top/side, but then I have to resize my existing widgets. I would like to be able to dock widgets with the viewport. If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience by making it less painful to use widgets that require a large working space (e.g. dialogue editor).


I think the engineers didn’t think of it at the time, considering most staff at Roblox have 2+ monitors, and just resorted to moving it to the adjacent one.

Regardless, the dialogue editor is a wonderful use case. Me want.


This is not true, we did discuss this. It was kept out of scope for the initial release. We can always ship it later, but we can’t unship it later.

Not sure if this is planned soon, I’m not on that team. I definitely want it.

In the mean time, the best UX I’ve found is to use InitialDockState.Floating and set the floating size to a “reasonable minimum” like 800x600. This size specifically because laptop screens are small and any larger risks the window’s default size being larger than the screen.


I would be inclined to implement this as a new way of creating Plugin Guis.
We already have CreateDockWidgetPluginGui to create plugin guis in dock widgets.

We could also add CreateTabbedDocumentPluginGui (what you are describing),
CreateDialogWindowPluginGui for dialogs, etc.

Not on the roadmap now but we did deliberately design with the expectation to expand in this direction. Maybe something for a summer intern to tackle.

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