Ability to Drag and Select a Celestial Body

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard or impossible or challenging to drag a Celestial Body or planet such as the current Celestial Bodies that we have at the moment or custom-made ones by developers and users across the platform.

It would be cool if we could drag the Sun or the Moon inside Roblox Studio as we have to manage or just rely on the ClockTime property and as well as the TimeOfDay with +/- exponents, this is extremely hard as some developers use ClockTime and get the right values but can’t manage to get a negative value and insist go to the TimeOfDay property instead.

However, a workaround/alternative for this solution to work is a Celestial Body Dragger made by CloneTrooper1019 that changes the ClockTime / TimeOfDay in any position and works fine and helps me a lot when dragging the Moon or the Earth, but saving space is something I like to have and a built-in Engine for this manner instead of flipping through tab-by-tab.

Some usecases that would be great in my opinion:

  • A developer/user will have the ability to smoothen their transitions and don’t have to depend on typing or clicking on the value of where the Sun/Moon should be, just drag and it’ll take 5 ~ 12 seconds instead of 1 ~ 2 minutes with dragging the Sun or the Moon.

    • Also with this usecase, it could be easier with cycle transitions from day > night in a “fancy” manner. or make users drag the celestial body inside a game?
  • Transitions for a day-cycle would be calculated easier and easier for developers to see which rotation angle or Sun/Moon position, but as well as for an already built-in cycle and the developer to change the position of this particular Celestial object anywhere in the skybox.

There is this topic that some just reply with, but it really isn’t asking for what I’m asking with dragging rather than positioning.

The ability or function of this would be similar to the plugin I’ve mentioned and the same mechanics:

Video Demonstration of the plugin + feature:

If Roblox is able to address this feature, it would improve my development experience and astronomy experience on Roblox Studio because it’ll be easier to drag and set a position of the Sun/Moon (or many more Celestial Bodies if Roblox could add…) on a skybox inside a place/game.