Ability to edit ClassName directly, and keep existing properties

Whoops, you’ve made a TextLabel but needed a TextButton?

Don’t worry, my friend! Simply click the ClassName property and edit it. As long as it’s possible, Studio will change its ClassName and keep the properties you had, saving time.

But for now you must worry, because this feature doesn’t exist yet.


There are already plugins that can change this, but an official feature would be way nicer.

This would make my life a lot easier - I often work on groups which have amateur UI designers who don’t know the difference between Buttons, Labels and Boxes.

This is already on the Trello board. I think it’s the same thing you’re talking about.

This is something everyone who uses studio can benefit from. I’ve spent so much time having to convert one object to the other manually.

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in the past hour, i think i just converted 5-10 imagelabels to imagebuttons

its a pain

@Network_Replicated Can you link me to a plugin that can do this?

I believe that works

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Oh hey, I just made a command bar utility for this. It’s different than most other plugins because it always has the most recent API.


EDIT: Definitely not a final solution… but if you ever need most recent API that one of those other plugins doesn’t have.


Yeah, but HTTPEnabled has to be manually ticked on in every place we want to use it in :(

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Could an :AsA(className) method complement this? It would convert an instance from one type to another, but keep all of the properties common to their baseclass.

This would be for regular scripts (not plugins), and most useful for the various types of BaseParts; it maybe also has uses with GUIs.

For example, someWedge:AsA("Part") would keep the same material, size, name, color, CFrame, Anchored, Locked, etc., but become a Part instance.