Ability to enable Custom Joins


I wish to request a feature which revolves around adding a new list under the “join” category in the privacy settings .

This would not make much sense if made available to other sub categories i.e. Inventory and Private Server Invitations but adding a custom-friend-joins-only option would help developers and players alike in their own fields.

  • Developers

Normally, most developers test their games from their group/profile which may or may not be visible to public and wish to test it without the issue of having someone over to them. They can make it private but that brings an extra part of add team create to alloy testers to play and test their games.
Instead of taking that pain, I would like to suggest an option through which one can select which all friends can join in an experience.

This system already exists in another form :-
Inviting people into private servers
The anomaly here is that not only friends, but private server owners can invite anyone who have is enabled in their settings.

  • Players

Players sometime wish their squads/close friends to join in and not everyone over obvious reasons sometimes.