Ability to equip Walk Animations as the Run Animation

In most games, the walk animation is barely used and since some run animations feels too intense, this would be quite useful.

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The issue here seems to be with the threshold between walk & run. Temple of Memories is a great example of this.

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You can use the walk animation on mobile or when using a controller.

But then you’re moving slowly. The point is that the run animations are too intense – moving at the default walkspeed plays an animation better suited for jogging. Compare the “run” animation on the left to the “walk” animation on the right:

The walk animation is much more appropriate for the default walkspeed. Even then, the movements of the animation are still pretty intense and should be much more subtle. I don’t think the fix is to allow walk animations to be equipped as run animations, but instead for ROBLOX to better tweak the animations themselves.