Ability to flag posts for multiple reasons

So there have been posts that I have flagged that were both spam and off-topic.

People should be able to flag for multiple reasons, such as: spam and off-topic, spam and innapropriate, off-topic and innapropriate, and so on (even all three!).

Very simple, hope this feature is added!


There is a way to post for multiple reasons, simply select custom then put in both of the things you want to report them for.

I know you could do this, but there should still be a feature that makes it “easier”.

This is unnecessary, flags aren’t treated differently based on the selected reason. They all go to the same place and are equally investigated.

Just select the option you think is the most relevant, or “something else” if you want to give more context.


I would go with what @byc14 says, but if you have a strong use case for this that “Something Else” cannot fulfill, you should file a request @ discourse.meta.org since that is the forum software that this forum uses.

There are already feature requests on meta discourse about custom flags and checkboxes for flags, however it’s been 2-4 years and they have not given an update about this.