Ability to have a "Featured Game" link at the top of your user profile


I was thinking of a way that developers could get more recognition for their games through partial advertisement, partial publicity. This suggestion talks about replacing the status on a player’s profile (that a lot of people don’t use), to become more useful and use it as a featured game instead.

What is it?

On our profile, we have a status message. Some people use it, others don’t. image
Instead of leaving it as a somewhat “barely used” feature, it could either become:

  • an option to choose between having your own featured game there or status
  • remove status, have only featured game there

What would it look like?

Basically, like this:
You could choose a game you own to go there, and it would replace the link with an easier to read, clickable link with the name of the game, like in the screenshot.


Despite all this, you could:

  • Advertise your game
  • Sponsor your game
  • Put it as the first game on a group

However, despite these, they cost money (or a group may not be viewed as often as a profile). This is why this idea would be a good one, and it would benefit developers, especially newer ones by offering cheaper advertisement. This way requires a little bit of publicity, from people looking at your profile, but as it’s at the top of your profile, chances are it may work better than having it under the games tab on your profile, or elsewhere.

Why should it be added?

As a Roblox developer, it is currently difficult to get our games noticed. Although this isn’t a way to 100% eliminate the issue, it would bring more attention to our games. People who view our profile could see the game, click on it and it would make games more noticeable.

People look at statuses when they view the profile, even if they don’t mean much/anything. I know some people care about statuses, so an option to switch between what you’d like may be a good idea.