Ability to Have Automatic, Scheduled, Non-Percentage, Payouts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to …
Give non-percentage payouts to a large number of developers/staff members on a fixed schedule. This currently has to be done manually or using a percentage (both of which are not ideal.)

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because …
I run a small development group and under that, an open source project. Currently I have payout percentages set for those who are considered group developers which is fine, but I wanted to give back to my recognized open-source community contributors as well with a small monthly payment as thanks for what they do (not a lot, but just something to show my appreciation for them.) Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to approach this as my only two options are to give a percentage to every person or manually do this payout each month.

My use case is niche and not normal, however I know there are many groups who would prefer to pay developers/staff fixed, scheduled, payments rather than sacrificing a percentage of the group income which you can only do up to a maximum of 100 times since you can’t assign a payout percentage below 1%, leading to some obvious issues.

Having the ability to set up automatic, timed, fixed-value, payments of a specific amount to specific users (or a whole rank if possible) would greatly simplify the process of allocating group funds.


This 100% but it’d be better if they fixed the percentage one first. At best it works for 1/10 times…


They could always do both, I can’t imagine this is that far of a stretch from the percentage based stuff.


We’ve run into cases where this would’ve been awesome

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