Ability to have groups/folders for assets in Game Explorer view

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to find meshes made for a designated object in the game explorer. One of my main files has nearly one thousand meshes (Split between City meshes, Vehicle meshes, weapon meshes, etc.) and it takes unnecessary time away from development just to search for a certain mesh that was made for a certain object.

Essentially, what I am wanting is the ability to group these Game Explorer assets (images, meshes, etc) into multiple “Folders” rather than having them all chunked into one “Meshes” category. So that I could have a Folder for “City” and potentially more folders in that folder all identifying what building or area the meshes belong to.

My use case may fall outside of normal use, because some developers may not resort to large amounts of meshes, but I feel that overall this window should scale with the amount of assets and it currently does not, which is bad UX that can be fixed by adding something like this feature.


We are talking internally about the future of the Game Explorer. We will keep this feature request in mind as we move forward.


Temporarily, to get around this issue, you can create a local plugin with all of these assets in them, sort of like a Workshop sorta deal with my plugin:

I do this already with a ton of internal assets that my game uses so I can have easy access to them. You don’t have to publish them to the website either!!

If you need help setting this up, send me a direct message and I’ll help you out! :slight_smile:

Scroll down the page on that post for the tutorial on how to group all of your assets together.