Ability to hide past group names

There is no way to hide a group’s past names on the group page. This isn’t a problem itself. However, it leaves a bad mark on the group page and doesn’t look appealing from a first impression.

In addition, some groups may have changed the name from something copyrighted or needed to change it due to the moderation system resetting the name. That doesn’t look appealing to the group and can lead to fewer impressions and interactions.

A feature on this could be accessible through the “Settings” tab and has its property window like the one showcased below.

A survey on the forum made back in 2019 showcased how developers wanted this to be a feature, including account usernames.

If Roblox can address this issue, it will improve my experience with group pages as you’re able to determine whether or not a user can view your group’s past naming history. In addition, you have more control over what a user can see, which can lead to more activity within the group.


I can see why some would prefer this feature, but I also feel it gives transparency to the user to know who/what they are interacting with at all times.

To make a wild example - if a user or group “scams” another individual or group, changes their username or group name and then repeat offends, there would be no way for the person to actually know who they are interacting with - thus creating a negative experience again for them, potentially driving away users. There could be many other similar types of examples of these concerns.

I would fully support this suggestion though if this was an optional feature found in the account/user settings page. Then, if a person desires to - they can see past names, if they do not care to, they can turn it off. This would prevent a person or group from being able to hide such details from public information.


I agree, I can definitely see this being an issue. A group could be a “free robux” group to bring in members, then once they have enough members turn it into another group name. It would be deceitful and tricky. For safety reasons, and to combat scams, there should always be previous group names available if the user desires to see them.


After taking a look at this trend I see cases in which it could be a problem.
However, the ability to change a group name without traces could appeal to people trying to re-use old groups without having to create new ones.

For example, I had an old group I created for no reason with my username, recently I was compelled to create a group and decided to repurpose my old one instead, with the only downside being the previous names feature that takes away credibility from the group page.