Ability to hide warnings from CoreScripts


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to customize the behavior of Script Analysis.

Right now, you are given the ability to show/hide all errors/warnings, but not from specific scripts. It’s either all or none.

I think there used to be an option to only show errors/warnings in the script you currently have open/selected but this is no longer the case as I am currently unable to find an option to do this, unless I am confusing such an option with something else, but either way having the ability to do this will help most developers improve their script debugging.

Because I shouldn’t have to collapse tons of warnings from multiple scripts to find the warning I am looking for. Especially if these warnings are not coming from any scripts of mine, but from CoreScripts, see example image:
(After posting this image I messed around with Script Analysis to post another image and suddenly the “Display only current script” checkbox showed up after I opened a corescript and closed it. See next image: )
This checkbox seems to hide itself at times where it should be visible, which is odd.

Allowing Developers to customize what Script Analysis displays, will help us debug our own scripts a lot easier.

I propose having the ability to:

  • Hide all errors/warnings from scripts no currently open/selected. (Nevermind, it seemed to have been a glitch, as seen in the above 2 images.)
  • Hide all errors/warnings from CoreScripts, as most of the time we only need to see issues with our own scripts.
  • Show errors/warnings at the top of the Script Analysis list for the currently selected Script so we don’t have to collapse and scroll to find our error/warning (or forced to enable the “Display only current script” checkbox.)
  • Ability to collapse all/expand all because currently it seems we have to click on each individual arrow to show/hide warning/error details.

If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to post them below :slight_smile:


It’s worth noting that this is a bug and will be fixed soon.


But there are (or have been, and probably will be) many other bugs :wink:

Also support.