Ability to Launch a Test Session Environment with the Roblox Client Instead of Roblox Studio


The current workflow for testing a game is either
  1. Use Accurate Play Solo or…
  2. Launch a Test Server which opens several studio instances of the emulated players’ clients or…
  3. Publish the game and test it with the client from the website

I find these 3 methods complicated and very cluttered. I feel that there is a strong need to allow developers to launch a test session with the client directly from studio without publishing.


Allow developers to launch test sessions from studio that would make use of the Roblox Client as the client's environment. The developers would still have the properties, explorer, console etc. available from the main studio window, but the Roblox Client window for testing would just be a barebones game and client, nothing more.

The benefits of this feature would be

  1. There’s no need to create an additional test universe/place/game and publish updates that you will just test using the Roblox Client from the website.
  2. The developer/s are able to experience the real deal with the actual Roblox Client.
  3. The studio plugins do not load with the client’s instance.
  4. The developer/s gets to experience that fullscreen view with no studio windows.
  5. I assume it would take less time to start a test session with the Roblox Client itself rather than a whole studio instance.

If this issue is addressed, it would greatly improve my workflow in testing updates and a whole game effectively and realistically.