Ability to open multiple windows of "Explorer"/"Properties"

As a Roblox developer the ability to open multiple docks of “Explorer”/“Properties” would make production so much better.

Having multiple explorer docks/windows makes copying and pasting objects a breeze, copying property values a breeze, and basically making the workplace much more powerful.

Problem is, with the only limited 1 window we have for each type of dock, especially when there’s a lot of objects in explorer. When I’m trying to transfer properties between two instances, its either I scroll a lot, or use filter workspace, typing many entries, which would be unnecessary if there were multiple docks of explorer focused on each 2 objects.

You can map Explorer 1 to Property 1, Explorer 2 to Property 2, etc.


Well, this causes a bit headache, speaking of what to do to select for Explorer 2/Property 2. Yikes.

It is easy to transfer properties for me. I put them up as notes aside or in a script with no actual functionality.

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