Ability to post group images/emblems through role permission

As a Roblox developer, it is currently inaccessible and very inconvinient for posting a group logo or emblem when you give somebody else some permission to do this.

To be clear, my request is that any users entrusted with a certain role should have the permission of putting up the group emblem when the owner either requests or approves the idea of placing the new emblem or editing an emblem with that specific user. Not everybody uses game chats or has a discord account and cannot share images off-site, so that’s why I choose they implement this. They should add this in the roles where it had a certain permission to post a new group emblem with people who are in entrusted roles to do this.

If Roblox could address this issue, it would no longer be inconvinient and inaccessible for entrusted group users to post emblems when they are asked or requested by the owner.